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Air Grease Gun

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At GISON, there are about 500 gauges and over 1,000 molds for any air hand tools' machining and manufacturing. Their one-stop production and design capability have allowed them to come up with solutions that are reasonably priced and competitive. At GISON, their processing is ISO-9001:2015 certified, CE approved products and their air hand tools are sold worldwide to 50 countries.

Air Grease Gun

Air Grease Gun
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  • Capacity Bulk : 400 cc
  • Capacity Cartridge : 14 oz
  • Net Weight : 1.15 kgs
  • Air Pressure Range :
  • Input 30~150 psi
  • Output 1200~6000 psi
  • Air Inlet : 1/4"
  • Packing: 10 pcs/1.53 cu.ft/G:16 kgs


  • Acute-Angle design reduces load distance and concentrates center of gravity, allows wide-angle operation in narrow space.
  • Portable Grip and Container.
  • Air vent valve allows to trap air vacate while filling grease.
  • Filler plug used for lubrication.


  • Ideal for truck transmission shaft and machine maintenance.

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