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Wet Air Sander,Polisher for Stone (5000rpm, Rear Exhaust, ON-OFF Switch)

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At GISON, there are about 500 gauges and over 1,000 molds for any air hand tools' machining and manufacturing. Their one-stop production and design capability have allowed them to come up with solutions that are reasonably priced and competitive. At GISON, their processing is ISO-9001:2015 certified, CE approved products and their air hand tools are sold worldwide to 50 countries.

Wet Air Polisher for Stone

Wet Air Sander,Polisher for Stone (5000rpm, Rear Exhaust, ON-OFF Switch)
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Air Water Sander
Air Water Polisher
Pneumatic Wet/Waterfeed Stone Polisher
  • Rear Exhaust, ON-OFF Switch
  • Spindle Size : 5/8-11, M14
  • Pad Size : 3" or 4"
  • Max. Free Speed : 5,000 rpm
  • Max. Horse Power : 0.43 HP (321W)
  • Weight : 1.23 kgs
  • Length : 234 mm
  • Air Cons : 0.45 m3/min (15.9 cfm)
  • Hose Size : 6.5 mm(I.D.)
  • Sound Pressure : 84 dBA
  • Vibration : < 2.5 m/sec2
  • Air Pressure : 90 psi
  • Packing : 8 pcs/1.4 cu.ft/G:22 kgs
  • * with Air Hose / Water Hose *


  • Low vibrate and noise with excellent performance.
  • Gravity casting housing carries long duration of tool.
  • Centre water feed function reduces dust, and improves environment protection.
  • Water valve can be adjusted for variable water-flow.
  • Includes a reversible side handle, exhaust muffler, air hose adapter and water valve with hose adapter.
  • Both 3" and 4" pads are available.
  • Light weight and compactable design are also suitable for single-hand operation.
  • Rubber sleeve keeps hands from getting cold.
  • Don't use polishing pads bigger than 100 mm (4"). The 125 mm (5") is easy to cause damage to the tool.


  • The GISON GPW-218 pneumatic wet polishing tool is designed for continuous production applications and improved safety. Cast from aircraft aluminum. The watertight sealed bearings provide long life and smooth rotational speeds. The water and air controls are simple to use and conveniently located. Rear air vent removes exhaust through a hose protector, away from operator's hands.
  • GPW-218 Wet Air Sander / Wet Air Polisher is suitable for sanding / polishing of granite, marble, porcelain and engineered stone, other types of stones and glass fiber (fiberglass). The tool is a poweful, reliable air tool ideally suited for continuous wet polishing in stone industry, and is safer when used wet ! Made in Taiwan.
Auxiliary Base:
Beveling Auxiliary Base(15~45 degree) for Wet Air Polisher  90 degree Edge Polishing Auxiliary Base for Wet Air Polisher


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