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At GISON, there are about 500 gauges and over 1,000 molds for any air hand tools' machining and manufacturing. Their one-stop production and design capability have allowed them to come up with solutions that are reasonably priced and competitive. At GISON, their processing is ISO-9001:2015 certified, CE approved products and their air hand tools are sold worldwide to 50 countries.

Handheld air tool application - grinding, cutting, sanding, milling, profiling and polishing

Pneumatic fastening hand tools


GISON's fastening tools (air wrench, air screwdriver, air pull-setter) are a set of pneumatic tools for industrial jobs that require screwing, pulling, tightening and loosening. They are designed to fit comfortably in your hand with its high quality built material. The air compressor powered air wrench is commonly used in automobile fixing, and trucks, buses, and sports vehicle tire removals, as well as assembly lines, farming equipment, boat building, cement and petrochemical industries. GISON's air wrench comes with selections of sizes, which allows you to work comfortably in small spaces without feeling awkward. The air wrench provides simple to use solutions for tight bolting jobs.

GISON's industrial screwdriver is ideal for critical operations such as furniture installing and removing, electric plant, product assembly lines. It comes with the standard anvil, square drive size with impact, slip-clutch, and auto shut-off types.

For air pull setter, GISON's air pull setter is low power consumption, long life-span, great working torque, safe, no electrical shock and heat generated. Blind nuts are a great alternative for welding nut, no welding and tapping needed.

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Pneumatic assembly hand tools


GISON's assembly tools offer a range of applications in the automotive, energy, aerospace and general industries. Their assembly tools include air wrenches, air screwdrivers, air hydraulic riveters, air pull-setters, air staplers, air nailers, air fasteners, air C hog ring pilers/nailers and air caulking guns and each of them is designed to be compact, light weighted, r tight-gripping, no-slip, simple maintenance and easy loading and unloading with precision torque control and a reduction in overall assembly failures. They are cost-saving and come with high quality after sales service.

For pneumatic, hydraulic riveters, they are quick, efficient and no oil leak concern. Regardless of using a hydraulic riveter at the construction sites or assembly lines, GISON's air tool is capable of providing the best performance all day long.

Air stapler, air nailer, air fastener is an important tool for indoor renovation and repair such as doorjambs, repairing upholstery, fastening wood cabinet backs, installing carpet or arranging wires. Air caulking gun is used to inject silicon and glue into the items that require stickiness, which can be wildly used in all industries.

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Air surface preparation & finishing tools


Grinders, Orbital Sanders, and Polishers are designed for wood project, stone, pottery and metal surface finishing. Air grinder is an air tool that allows you to cut and grind with various grinding discs. It can be used vertically or horizontally in order to cut metal sheets, getting rid of rust or metal scraps. It comes with a patented speed controller. During the metal grinding process, air grinding is responsible for getting rid of a metal parts. Thus, a grinding wheel is installed. Sand paper is applied to the orbital sander to smooth the surface. In the end, air polish waxes or polishes the surfaces into gloss surfaces. Discs are either velcro or P.S.A. with square or round shapes.

With GISON's over 40 years of air tool experience, their pneumatic tools are patented and designed to overcome the most common issue in the market, which is lifespan. Thus, their advanced design is based on user’s experiences. Along with woodworking applications, automobiles, furniture, musical instruments and pottery, surface preparation and finishing tools are required to conduct efficient surface jobs. GISON's four patented orbital sander is one of the air tools that provides various functions to enforce safety, speed and lifespan performance. Other than orbital sanders, there are grinders, polishers, wet air tools and buffers. If you need a set of air tools to assist you to do grinding, cutting, sanding, polishing and buffering, look no further than GISION.

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Air material removal tools


GISON is viewed as a leading material removal tools manufacturer in the industrial marketplace in Taiwan. With over 40 years' of air tools design experience, GISON was able to upgrade their air tools to meet what users really need, particularly in material removal tools, such as air grinder, air sander, air hammer, etc.

GISON's air hammer provides strong hitting power, and the enforced power is suitable for cement walls that contain steel wires or rocks. The four patented Air sander is designed with enforced dust and safety protections, low noise, faster-rotating speed and longer lifespan.

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Air drilling tools


Air drilling, hand drilling machines, air spot drill, and air punch & flange tools are suitable for drilling holes in a variety of materials. The recent new design of GISON's pneumatic hand drilling machine, GPD–231, provides drilling on all materials. And with a vacuum suction that attaches to a wall, you can drill easily and efficiently. GISON’s air drill machine has forward and reverse rotation to increase the flexibility of use. It is light weight, with fast rotation, low noise, and is suitable for wood, cement walls, metal, iron, aluminum, etc.

Air Spot Drill is used for metal sheet cutting, particularly for thick and hard sheets. Without damaging the metal sheet, air spot drill is capable of drilling holes with adjustable drilling length control, and is also good for welding spot removal.

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Air cutting tools


Regardless of wire cutting, metal sheet shearing, turning, shaping or any other similar operations, air cutting tools are required to get the job done. Pneumatic cutting tools must be able to withstand the heat, the process and being sustainable. Cutting tool geometry is important, and GISON's cutting tools are designed to conduct effective cutting. For example, thousands of air scissors were sold with a solid reputation and so do other cutting tools including air cutter and air nibbler. There are air saws, air cutters, air nippers, air metal shears, air scissors, air secateurs, air nibblers, wet air stone saws, portable sink hole cutting machines, air window seal cutters with selections of sizes and operation speeds.

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Air painting tools


GISON's air painting tools are designed to operate with compressed air.Through compressed air, your painting job is done efficiently, especially for industrial use. For pneumatic painting tools, there are air spray guns, air brushes, and air caulking guns. GISON's easy to use air spray gun is fast and allows you to spray paint on various objects regardless of whether it's small touch up projects or large spray jobs. The air spray gun is applicable on daily usage items, automobiles, furniture, machines, components, and equipment. It is also suitable for any large spray painting jobs at hotels, houses, buildings, etc. Air brushes and air caulking guns are both necessary tools for painting and construction.

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Pneumatic secateurs, pruners, scissors


GISON's air secateurs were largely purchased by gardeners for cutting specific trees.They were used on a large property with thousands of trees. The air scissors require a smooth and clean cut, and the buyer was pleased with GISON's air secateurs. With over 40 years' of air tool experience, GISON's air products are designed to meet client’s requirements, which are fast, efficient and long-lasting. Buying GISON's air tools is worth every penny.

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Air cleaning tools


GISON has been selling air tools for over 40 years, and their engineered air cleaning tools are high-quality and come with multiple suction dust mouths. High-performance air cleaning tools include air cleaning guns, air wonder gun kits, air blow guns and air duster guns. The air amplification reduces the consumption of compressed air, which is cost-saving and results in fine dust removal with safe operation. For air cleaning guns, ranging from air foaming gun, high-pressure water cleaning a gun, and air knife cleaning a gun, all of them are well-suited for industrial uses such as cleaning of auto parts, carpet, furniture, construction equipment, tanks, floors, walls, and anything that requires removal of surface layers.

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Air moving / pick-up tools


GIOSN's GP series air powered hand tool is a newly designed vacuum pick-up lifting tool, particularly useful for industrial usage including semiconductor SMD packaging, toxic chemical avoidance, picking up paper, metal sheets, glass lenses or boards, and IC packaging.

It is light weight and capable of picking up items that are up to 3 kg. In water, in a heated environment, or in temperatures up to 250 degrees, the vacuum pick-up hand tool amazes you with its performance.

The suction lifter is considered one of the most useful hand tools. It is practical when it comes to lifting different objects, including the glass, plastics, metal, wood, bricks, stones, and rocks. At GISON, you can buy a suction lifter with a selections of cups.

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Air tools for automotive aftermarket & vehicle repair


A set of air hand tools is necessary for keeping your operation running efficiently. Many industries need air hand tools to get their projects done, for example, automobile, heavy and off-road vehicle repair, bus tire replacement, product assembly, equipment reoaur, boat building, cement, and petrochemical industry usage..When fixing, changing or replacing aftermarket parts on your vehicle, you need a set of hand tools that would make your work efficient and productive, and the tools should last forever.

GISON has over 40 years of air tool manufacturing experience, and their tools are engineered for high performance. Their high-quality pneumatic tools are designed for professional-grade usages, which are high-impact, high torque, accurate, easy to operate, and allow you to power through tough jobs fast. GISON's extensive selections of pneumatic hand tools range from air wrenches, air sanders, air random orbital sanders, air polishers, auto air hammers, air suction dent pullers, air window seal cutters, air smart erasers, air tire buffers, air spray guns, and air undercoating guns. You name it, GISON has it all!

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Air tools for stone/ granite/ marble processing


Stone processing can be problematic because it's thick and cumbersome, which means that the stone cutting process can be inefficient, let alone the fact that using electric tools could lead to electric shock. After over 40 years’ of experience in the air pneumatic tool industry, including ten years with three generations of sinkhole cutting equipment development, GISON has developed a portable sink hole cutting machine with total solutions. It allows for hole drilling, sinkhole cutting with a mold, and industrial cutting. It allows for quick installation, diamond bit replacement, is compact and reliable. Other than the portable sink hole cutting machine, you can also buy air polishers, air drilling machines, air hammers, air engraving pens, and air flux chippers for your stone and marble process.

Check out GISON'S Air tools for stone/ granite/ marble processing


Air tools for metal processing


GISON offers a comprehensive range of air/pneumatic tools with integrated engineering design. All of the air tools are high-quality, reliable and durable, and well-suited for boat building, construction, assembly line, or auto part industries. GISON's over 40 years of air tool experience has allowed them to come out with innovative pneumatic hand tools based on user's feedback. Thus, GISON's air tools feature low air consumption, have a long lifespan, easy operation, are reliable and safe with reasonable prices. If you are looking for high-quality air tools, look no further than GISON.

Check out GISON'S Air tools for metal processing


Air tools for wood processing


Wood processing involves cutting, drilling, milling, grinding, sanding and finishing. In order to make your wood processing as easy as possible, GISON's pneumatic hand tools for wood processing are air sanders, air random orbital sanders, air drills, air drilling machine with vacuum suction fixing bases, air screwdrivers, air secateurs, pruners, and scissors. Their hand drilling machine, GPD–231, is a newly invented air tool for easy and fast drilling on various surfaces. The vacuum cups allow you to stick the machine without holding it, which can help you to conduct drilling with better grip. Moreover, it attaches to any surface, whether smooth, rough, wet, greasy or dusty, it would work just as well.

Air sander is one of the pneumatic tools that makes GISON proud. It has four patents, which are designed with oil leakage protection, dust protection, high speed, easy sander disk removal, and is safety enhanced.

The air screwdriver has high durability, speed, and power that provides easy maintenance for you. Impact, slip-clutch, and auto shut-off are types of air screwdrivers from GISON.

Along with air sanders, you can also buy air compressor secateurs and air scissors for gardening work. They are safe, fast and precise.

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Air compressor tools for construction & building


Whether building houses, schools or hospitals, you need the right tools for heavy duty jobs at a construction site. Air hammer, air drill, vacuum cup design hand drilling machine, air stapler, air nailer, and air fastener are the tools you need when doing construction. Choosing proper tools can make your life a lot easier and safer. When the job is easily done, it is cost-saving and productive. One of the standard pneumatic hand tools at the construction site would be a drilling machine. GISON's unique vacuum cup design hand drilling machine stays on all surfaces, wet, greasy dusty and rough, all you need to do is use your finger to set the drilling speed. It's easy to operate, and of course, safety is always considered.

GISON’s compressor tool is designed with low noise, lightweight, and is easy to carry. More importantly, its lifespan is long and the price is reasonable.

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Air compressor tools for interior decoration


What are the necessary pneumatic hand tools you need for interior decoration? With GISON's over 40 years’ of production experience, each air tool is made with high quality. Portable, suitable for heavy duty tasks, safe, easy to operate, and light weight are the basic design principles. Now, GISON is in the process of designing air tools with air compressor alarms and vacuum suction, which meet CE standards and are equipped with more functions to protect your tools and life. Therefore, if you are looking for an advanced pneumatic hand tool for your interior decoration needs, look no further than GISON. There are air sanders, air random orbital sanders, stone granite marble wet air tools, air drills, air screwdrivers, vacuum cup design hand drilling machines, air staplers, air caulking guns, air spray guns, etc. Contact now to get the best deal from a high-quality air compressor supplier!

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Air compressor tools for ship industry


Building a ship is like doing construction at any site, you need reliable air tools to complete the boat building. Later, ship maintenance and repair is just as important for requiring good tools. With air compressor pneumatic hand tools, you can conduct all shapes and sizes of boat building. The compressor air powered hand tools are stronger than electric versions; thus, they are suitable for industrial usages. The airflow is controllable and delivers more torque and RPM, enabling you to get the job done faster and easier.

GISON has been developing pneumatic tools relentlessly so that users can have working experiences, such as low noise, light weight, less dust created, less grease leaking and less energy consumption. GISON takes in all considerations and upgrades their air tools day to day to reach the best. If you are looking for good air hand tools, contact GISON now for total solutions.

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Air tools for airplane industry


Regardless of building an airplane or marine vessel, security is always the biggest concern when it comes to carrying lives. Thus, the plant structure, how the piece of metal plate is put together, and what kind of screw is used to prevent airflow are considered. So when a special component is used, a particular air tool such as air hydraulic riveter, air sander, or air pull-Setter is required. GISON's high-quality air hand tool not only does the job, they are also precise and fast, and come with more practical functions. The high driving forces in order to achieve a fast pulling task. Furthermore, aluminum, iron, stainless steel plate riveting is adaptable.

GISON's air tools not just made for regular toolings. If you need a tool for an individual task, GISON delivers solutions for you and makes sure it's a high-quality tool putting out a high standard of performance. Please contact GISON now if you need any particular air tools for your tasks.

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